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CallXML3.0 and Xpath

Possibly the most powerful and useful new feature added to the CallXML3.0 markup is the ability to perform application operations with XPath. Never heard of XPath? Then you are in the right place to learn, my friend. While a full dissertation of the uses of XPath is somewhat outside of the scope of this document, we will cover the basics of XPath, and detail in full how you can use XPath within your CallXML 3.0 applications. For the uninitiated, an XPath expression specifies a specific pattern that selects a set of XML nodes, and XSLT templates then use these patterns when applying transformations. In other words, XPath is a language for navigating through element nodes of a specific XML document,(or even a txt document!), and importing the returned information into the existing application context. Voxeo uses the XPath version 1.0 syntax, and a few Voxeo-specific function extensions to allow the developer even more options.


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  Logger Key -- CallXML  |  TOC  |  XPath Expressions: Part 1  

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