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This documentation is for CCXML 1.0-Voxeo, which has been superceded by CCXML 1.0-W3C. The CCXML-Voxeo platform is not being updated any longer. The CCXML 1.0-W3C version, however, has many new features and is actively being enhanced. If you're writing a new CCXML application, you should use CCXML 1.0-W3C. Click here for the CCXML 1.0-W3C documentation.

Call Legs: An Overview

Before we can delve into the really cool feature of multiparty conferencing, we should probably take a minute and look at how call legs work. In a traditional VoiceXML application, we can have, at best two call legs going. One, where a user dials into and reaches the VXML app, and possibly another if the application uses a <transfer> to place an outbound call. However, only one of these call legs has the ability to interact with the VoiceXML application; the callee in this case can talk with the initiating caller, and no more.

So what exactly is a call leg? A call leg is a logical connection between two gateways or between a gateway and an IP telephony device. Simply put, when you dial out to Aunt Flo on your rotary phone, you will have one active call leg up. When she picks up, and the Telephone company connects the two lines together, we then have two call legs in action.

By comparison, when we dial our trusty VXML application and it answers, we have but a singular call leg up. But, when our VXML app connects us to another party via the <transfer> element, we then introduce and join another call leg into the mix.

Using CCXML, we can create a 'wrapper' for our VoiceXML application that will allow 2 or more call legs access to your application, also allowing those callers to interact with the VoiceXML app, and then be conferenced together for fun and profit. Understand, that with straight VoiceXML, this is simply not possible, and hence, this is where CCXML really demonstrates it's superior call control capabilities.

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  tutorial Your First Dialog  |  TOC  |  tutorial Connecting Call Legs  

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