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This documentation is for CCXML 1.0-Voxeo, which has been superceded by CCXML 1.0-W3C. The CCXML-Voxeo platform is not being updated any longer. The CCXML 1.0-W3C version, however, has many new features and is actively being enhanced. If you're writing a new CCXML application, you should use CCXML 1.0-W3C. Click here for the CCXML 1.0-W3C documentation.

CCXML Token Applications

Now that you have mastered most of the difficult concepts, we will now move on to one of the most powerful, and yet most overlooked features about the CCXML markup. That's right, http outbound token calls for CCXML can be the deciding factor when judging just how robust your applications really are. Quite the bold statement, I know, but we will make you a believer very soon.  You'll soon find out that while using a VXML token for a VXML app is just fine and dandy, but when we add in a CCXML layer........the sky is the limit.

A Token Is....?

A token is simply an alphanumeric querystring parameter that will allow you to create an outbound call to a specified party via an http request. At it's simplest, you can boil it down to a 'click to call' feature on any old webpage. When you get down to brass tacks in a 'Real World' application, it involves remote message/content queueing and delivery based on a database update to your webserver, for instance. Not sounding cool enough to feel tempted yet? Read on..........

What's the Advantage?

So what the heck do CCXML tokens have over VXML tokens, you ask?  Well let's see......... can your VXML token application check to make sure your webserver is actually connecting properly before the call is even placed to the user? Didn't think so. Can your VXML token app independantly bridge dialog streams, Mister Smartyman? Perform selective routing to a caller based on the calling parameters? Or allow you to have 100% control over errors thrown before the call even connects? Or maybe you just want an easy way to change the ringtone that someone dialing out hears, perhaps. All of this is a piece of cake when using a CCXML token to start your outbound dialing applications.

How do I get a token?

You just know you want it........

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  tutorial Connecting Call Legs  |  TOC  |  tutorial Outbound CCXML Calls with Tokens  

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