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This documentation is for CCXML 1.0-Voxeo, which has been superceded by CCXML 1.0-W3C. The CCXML-Voxeo platform is not being updated any longer. The CCXML 1.0-W3C version, however, has many new features and is actively being enhanced. If you're writing a new CCXML application, you should use CCXML 1.0-W3C. Click here for the CCXML 1.0-W3C documentation.

Learning Call Control XML

Since most of us are new to writing Voiceweb applications, much less the more advanced call control features that CCXML has to offer, we present this guide as a method of getting everyone up to speed in regards to how you can use CCXML to enrich your telephony applications. From the ground up, we will cover the basic event handling theories behind CCXML, and progress onward to the more advanced features that CCXML has to offer, such as multiparty conferencing and HTTP token initiated calling. By the time that you have finished all of the Lessons presented in this guidebook, you will have mastered all of the core practices that you'll need to write professional CCXML applications for the world.


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  Prophecy Porting Guide for CCXML  |  TOC  |  Intro to CCXML  

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