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Prophecy SIP Phone

The Prophecy SIP Phone is software telephone application that allows you to make voice telephone calls using the Internet as a connection to the caller instead of regular telephone lines. In addition to calling regular telephone numbers, you can also call other computers and use the Prophecy SIP Phone to call and test your own voice applications. This topic describes the Prophecy SIP Phone and how to use it to make a call.

To open the Prophecy SIP Phone

  • On the start bar, click the Voxeo Prophecy icon located on the start bar, and then click SIP Phone.
    Tip: You can also open the Prophecy SIP Phone from the Prophecy Home page.

  • The following illustration shows an example of the Prophecy SIP Phone.

    The Prophecy SIP Phone supports up to three simultaneous connections and has adjustable Speaker output and Microphone input levels.

    To call an application

  • Enter a SIP address in the format shown, and then click Dial.

  • sip:<Address name>@<IP Address>.

    For example, enter sip:Hello@ to call the Hello application on the computer IP address of

    You can also dial a standard telephone number by entering the number, or by using your mouse to click the number on the number keys displayed.

    Note: The Prophecy SIP Phone requires that Adobe Flash Player is installed.

    Next Steps

    When testing your application, you can create up to three simultaneous connections, but not more than the number of ports you are licensed for. For example, a developer license for testing Prophecy contains two free licensed ports. A third simultaneous connection attempt using the Prophecy SIP Phone will result in a Call Failed!! message.

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