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How to: Edit a Resource

As the needs of your Prophecy deployment change, you may also need to modify the Resources advertised to your voice applications that run on your Virtual Platform. This procedure requires that you have an existing Resource to modify.

The following illustration is an example of the Edit Virtual Platform dialog used to modify the Resources on a Virtual Platform named Default.

To edit a Resource

  1. On the Prophecy Commander toolbar, click the Servers module icon, click the Virtual Platform List page, and then click a Virtual Platform to modify.
    The Edit Virtual Platform panel is displayed.
  2. Click a Resource Name to open the Edit Resource dialog.
  3. In the Name enter or modify the Resource name as required.
  4. Click a Group to modify, to open the Edit Group Service Priority dialog.
  5. Modify the fields as required.
  6. Click Ok to save the Group priority, or click Cancel to close the dialog without saving.
  7. In the Edit Resource dialog, click Ok to save the Resource settings, or click Cancel to close the dialog without saving.
After a Resource is modified and saved, the Edit Virtual Platform panel is displayed to allow you to modify any additional Resources.

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  How to: Create a New Resource  |  TOC  |  How to: Load Balance Services  

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